You’re right – Here’s proof more people are getting a real estate license.


New statistics released by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation show that 5,503 people tested for their Florida real estate license during September of 2013.

test taking

That’s a whooping 2,471 more test takers than September of 2012. Florida is a wonderful place to hold a real estate license because warm weather and sandy beaches appeal to buyers from all over North America, South America, and Europe. It’s a good place to live, play, and invest.

The numbers prove passing the test to get a Florida real estate license isn’t easy. The Florida real estate license test has about a 40% passing rate on average. Only four out of ten people will pass their real estate exam leaving six out of ten to fail the exam.

You already know that home prices have increased since 2010. Prices will continue climbing until 2018. Banks are lending, interest rates remain relatively low for now. Everything looks like it’s time to be involved in the sales side of real estate.

If you’re new to the business or decide to get started you are already a success. Yes, there is competition with more agents coming in everyday. You need to prepare yourself in many ways for the business of real estate. You need to sell, you need to invest yourself, and you need to have a second stream of income. It could be your own rental properties (which it should), a second job, or a spouse. New agents tend to seriously misjudge how much money they’ll need during the first months of this business.

There was one book that really helped me overcome some of the challenges a new agent faces. I urge you to go read the reviews on Amazon and decide for yourself to buy a copy of this book “21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me: Practical Advice for New Real Estate Professionals.”

If there is one tip a new agent should know it’s that most of your future business will come from the acquaintances you already know and the people you’ll meet. Twittering, mass mail outs, cold calling, and floor time don’t work for most agents.

P.S. Do you have a friend thinking about going into real estate? I shared with you one book that will help a new agent overcome challenges beginners face. Send them this article so they can also learn of a good resource.

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