That’s money out the window

Most of the money you spend to heat and cool your home disappears through cracks and holes in your walls, floors and ceilings.

Maybe you have a brand new home and think this can’t be true, allow me to burst your bubble.

When your home was built, thousands of pieces of wood, drywall and plywood were cut to size in a muddy field. Dozens of different construction workers assembled your home in the rain and wind. They hammered thousands of nails into the framing which now hold your house together. Oh yeah, and they did all this in a few weeks.

I’ve worked in new construction doing framing and plumbing so I know this first hand. There are many holes in your home that were drilled by electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors. There are gaps small and large; most you don’t see because they’re in the attic… you may have noticed your attic has vent holes in the soffit.

Your roof also has a ridge vent or off-ridge vent allowing air to pass through the attic… whatever temperature the air is outside. So, the air passes through the roof or the soffit and into the gaps of the attic into the home.

Nice huh? It costs you money.

But, you have insulation right? Sure, sure we all do… but let’s consider this; older homes have their air handler in the attic. In the attic above the insulation surrounded by all the hot Florida air. Now, I don’t know about you but my attic temperature is easily 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. So, if it’s 90 degrees outside its 120 degrees in my attic. It’s hot in the attic. Add the high humidity levels and sweat beads instantly run down your body.

All this heat can’t be good. All these air leaks aren’t good either. All the ductwork is sitting in the hot attic. I know you understand that cool ducts traveling through a hot attic can create condensation which isn’t good either because this could lead to mold in the attic. And, who wants mold in their attic? Surely not me… and this is about living healthier. Having a safe home for you and your family is important for most of us. Saving money is also important to 99% of the population. So, maybe you like me have thought about sealing all the air leaks in your attic or paying someone else to do it. One of the first places to start would be above the recessed can lights.

And, when money and time permits… hopefully, this fall and winter when its cooler in the attic I can get up there to seal my own leaks and foam insulate the roof. Another project for another day.

Spray foam may hold your roof on during a hurricane so maybe your insurance company will lower your home owners insurance premium if they know you have spray foam insulation installed.

I’ve decide to order from Foam It Green when I’m ready (No Affiliation with them). They just seem to have the most “Green” product with No CFCs, Penta-BDEs, VOCs or Urea Formaldehyde.

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