Naples – Marco Island Florida – most real estate agents per capita US

Yes, Naples – Marco Island Metropolitan Area of Florida has the highest concentration of real estate agents in the United States.

One-out-of-every-142 Naples Area residents are licensed real estate agents.  Hard to believe? …Not if you’ve vacationed in Naples Florida.

Go out to eat during the tourist season at any restaurant in Naples Florida and the waitress might offer to help you find a home. It may sound shocking,  but when the guy washing cars at the auto detail place slips you his real estate card… you understand that Naples Marco island is swarming with real estate agents from all walks of life.


The Cape Coral – Fort Myers area of Florida made it in the top five real estate agent saturated areas with one-out-of-every-214 Cape Coral – Fort Myers residents holding a real estate license.

So, if you ever looked for a place to become a real estate agent it’s probably not recommended in Naples or Fort Myers Florida. The old joke “Real Estate Agents are a dime a dozen” rings loudly here.

If you do decide that real estate is right for you, understand it’s a relationship business. Thank God daily for the business you have and the people in your life that like, know, and trust you with their home and investment purchases.

A smarter business in Naples or Fort Myers Florida is any business that services real estate agents including Title Agents, Home Inspectors, Home appraisers, and Mortgage brokers… Perhaps owning a star bucks franchise.

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