Why so many real estate agents in Naples?

Why are there so many real estate agents in Naples Florida?

Well, where do you start…

Naples is voted as having the best beach in Florida by the Travel Channel.

Naples is the self-titled “Golf Capital of the World“, claiming to have more holes per capita than any other community.

Of course, it could be because Naples Florida has one of the best rated half-marathons according to RunnersWorld.com .

Besides being a wonderful piece of paradise along the Gulf of Mexico Naples Florida has beautiful homes… more than homes — mansions. Mansions selling for 10, 20, 30… 40 Million dollars easy. Record setting sales happen in Naples, you might even find Forbes Magazine covering the details.

Living in a town crawling with Millionaires it’s no wonder there are so many real estate agents. Serious wealth is acquired through real estate. Becoming a real estate agent is the gateway to real estate investing. Real Estate Investing leads to wealth according to your rich dad.

Bottom line… Don’t worry, be happy. It doesn’t matter if you’re an agent or not in Naples Florida, when you live in one of the happiest beach side towns.

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