It’s luck.

Finding the perfect home when you’re ready to buy is luck. You are more likely to settle for a home that has enough space to suit your needs in a neighborhood you like.

The business of real estate is luck, but you won’t find many agents who see it this way or at least not willing to admit it openly.

Yes, coaches and trainers earn a handsome living telling new agents what to do including making cold calls, giving turkeys away to neighbors for thanksgiving, and sending out continuous amounts of junk mail.

Make enough calls and you will get lucky, if you don’t it’s because you haven’t made enough calls yet.

It’s luck.

It’s a surprise when you hear of an agent sitting at an open house when a buyer walks in ready to sign on the dotted line. It’s luck, pure and simple. Thousands of agents sit at open houses across the country on Saturday and Sunday afternoons hoping some random Joe or Jane will walk in off the street speaking those sweet magic words — I want to buy — This is hope… Hope that you’ll have good luck.

Most agents quit before they get lucky.

Once you get lucky it becomes almost impossible to quit.

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