How to make buying a house less expensive

Don’t blame the agent for not telling you about this because it might be against the law in your state.


Talk to fifty agents and you’ll hear fifty stories about buyers they worked for over 6 months without being able to sell them a house. The agent feels burned because they wasted time, money, and energy that can never be recuperated. The burning sense of failure will eventually go away because the agent understands business has ups, downs, in-betweens, and everything else… it will all even out over time.


Here’s the problem, Let’s say a home-buyer finds a house online they fall in love with it …and it could happen because people fall in love all the time online it’s called internet dating. All the buyer wants to do is see the house once to make sure the pictures aren’t Photoshopped and/or a decade old. Pretty straightforward right? All the legwork is already done and the buyer calls an agent or fills out a form online… The buyer needs help filling out the contract, negotiating the terms, and making sure they get the house they fell in love with online.


This is where all the average agent training steers agents wrong because it’s commonly taught as the easy sale that makes up for those 6 months wasted with a customer that didn’t buy. And, it’s wrong — all wrong — that’s punishing the customer because of a bad experience with another customer. Most agents work really hard and are underpaid for what they do… But, in case like this when the customer has already found the home online to buy and the agent doesn’t need show them 43 properties during a two month period… Shouldn’t they be appreciated with a rebate?


According to the Florida Real Estate Commission and The United States Department of Justice Anti-trust Division, buyer rebates are legal in Florida. My opinion is that they are worth asking for before going under contract to buy real estate especially if you’ve already found the home online. It’s important to ask for the rebate before going under contract to purchase because an agent will need to disclose and make it known to the seller in the initial offer.




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