Not every real estate agent in town is the #1 agent, but there are hundreds of websites in my city claiming the agent is #1. How can this be, how can there be hundreds of #1 agents in one city? Let’s be honest, it’s impossible. There can only be one #1 agent.

The only way to become the #1 agent is to not become the number one agent. Read this, the customer needs to be #1 not the agent.

It’s not just me; it’s not just my industry. To create a web presence, it’s natural to put your best foot forward, put forth a perfect image. That’s fine, I understand… It’s branding, its fake it until you make it.

I’m perfectly imperfect.  I can’t be fake. I’d rather be seen as human, someone that’s easy to relate to and understand.

Do you feel people who comment are more intelligent? ...Prove it.