Hi. What’s up?

Here’s a quick summary, as you can see my name is Chris Henthorn. I am an active Florida real estate agent with Power Media Brokers.

I love being involved in real estate sales for many reasons including a personal interest in real estate investing, the ability to set my schedule, and work with people I enjoy spending time with. Real estate is a network marketing job, it’s not an office job… I still can’t figure out why 60% of real estate agents go into an office and shuffle papers around because this is a meet the people business.

Not only do I spend time networking and meeting new people I primarily work with investors searching for single family homes to flip. I also help secure solid real estate investments ( multi-family units ) that offer semi – passive income. I say semi – passive income because I don’t know anyone who’s completely hands off.

When it comes to owning rental property I ask “If something breaks at your house, who fixes it?”. Most people are capable of doing some of their own little repairs and seem to enjoy things like painting their rental homes, so I say “Go for it”. And, it’s really not hard to manage a rental property yourself, but some customers prefer to have it managed for them, that’s fine too…

I believe the first home someone purchases should be a duplex, live in one side, rent the other out. I also believe the first home you buy doesn’t have to be your home. Most people with a job will qualify for some type of loan, maybe not enough for the dream home or a home suitable for themselves with enough bathrooms, bedrooms, etc… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one to rent out.


I’ve had this website ChrisHenthorn.com for awhile because if you don’t own YourName.com by now, someone else probably does…


I never knew what to do with this website because writing a blog about random stuff didn’t really appeal to me. So, I asked myself what’s the next best thing I could do “What could I share freely that would help people?”


For now I’m going to share everything I know about real estate in hopes that it will help buyer and sellers more aware of the process. If my stories make you laugh, my experience makes you cry, and you ask yourself “how come I can’t stop reading stuff from this guy?” I’ll feel I’m doing something right.


Well, that’s enough about me.


Chris Henthorn, REALTOR

P.O. Box 446, Bonita Springs, FL, 34133



AREAS SERVED: Naples Florida, Bonita Springs Florida, Fort Myers Florida, North Fort Myers Florida, Lehigh Acres Florida, Estero Florida, Fort Myers Beach Florida.


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