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Hey, what’s up?

I’m Chris Henthorn, one of the real estate agents at Power Media Brokers.

And, I'm sharing 100% of what I know about real estate in order to help people feel comfortable with buying, selling, or investing in real estate for FREE - No strings attached.

Seriously, that's why the internet is constantly changing the way everything is done... I will not call myself a guru or claim to know everything because that would be a lie.

But, Maybe you're looking for answers to these questions...

  • “How can I sell a house that’s worth less than when I purchased it?”
  • “How can I find a lease-option, owner financed property, or creative purchase property?”
  • “How can I negotiate the best deal?”
  • “How can I sell my house, it needs things fixed that I’ve put off for a long time?”
  • “How can I become a real estate investor?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed some real estate advice (whether it’s how to avoid a rental scam, tips on home-ownership, or tips on smart investing to create passive real estate income)…

…You’re in the RIGHT place! Allow me to help you and share some of my own personal stories.

This website will share everything I know about real estate for FREE including...

What 1st time investors need to know about finding an agent to easily work with.

What it takes to find a Real Estate agent

What you need to know about Lease to Own Real Estate

Why Investing in Real Estate is not buying a house to call home.

You're right - Here's proof more people are getting a real estate license.

There's more to come...

Because I know you have many real estate agents and real estate companies to choose from, thank you again for choosing ours.

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